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How to choose a Makeup Artist

So you’ve got your event and it’s time to call in the professional …..but where do you start?


If there are several makeup artists out there, how do you go about choosing the right one for you?

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To help with this - here are some of my top things to look out for.

1. Professionals are Professional


What do I mean by this? Well, a professional is so called because they are skilled and knowledgeable in their chosen area. They have invested time into their business to make sure they are providing the best service and products for their clients.


Is the Makeup Artist qualified and have they completed a recognised course? Are they insured? It would seem fairly obvious that you need someone who knows what they are doing - but lots of people enjoy makeup as a hobby, not as a profession – and there is a big difference. 

If they have insurance it means that will have studied hygiene as part of their course and therefore your face is in safe (and clean!) hands. (Unfortunately, I’ve heard some horror stories!)


Does the makeup artist have a Facebook business page and/or a website? If they do, this can also provide reassurances that they take their business, and therefore their clients, seriously.


2. Quality and Pricing


If someone is only charging £15 for a full face of makeup – I’d be asking myself why. Most Makeup Artists know their worth and you will be paying them for their time, skills and experience. Also, If you're paying for a service surely you want the best, high-quality products too. Ask them what they use, they wont mind telling you I'm sure.


Of course, we all had to start somewhere; so perhaps someone is advertising their services for a low amount because they are just starting out. As long as you are comfortable with that and do not have high expectations, it’s always nice to support new artists (maybe for your friends birthday party…. and not your wedding!).


3. Portfolio/Gallery – what to look out for


Yes, they might have the ‘paper’ but have they got the skills.

Here are my top things to look for when looking at someone’s work:


a. Is there some variety of ages and skin tones?

Real skill is about applying makeup and making it look fab and appropriate for all ages and skin tones.


b. Is there a wide range of colours and techniques being used or is it the same look on everyone?

Being a makeup artist is about tailoring every look to that person and their preferences, so if everyone in their portfolio looks the same – you have to ask yourself…. did they really pay attention to their client, and appreciate them as an individual?


b. Does the foundation match the head, neck and blend seamlessly into the body?

Being able to colour match someone correctly is the sign of a professional makeup artist. If you’re a cool toned pale skin beauty – you don’t want an artist who is going to cover your face in orange foundation!


c. Is the eyeshadow well blended or is it ‘blocky’ and harsh looking?

Beautifully blended eyeshadow will not only enhance your eyes, but it looks fantastic in person and on camera. It also takes a certain level of skill and a knowledge of different techniques.


d. Does the skin look edited, fake and ‘too good to be true’?

Some Makeup Artists use editing apps to airbrush and smooth their clients’ skin, and even correct their mistakes! As shocking as this might be, it does happen. It gives people unrealistic expectations of makeup .... skin should have texture and different tones.

If you feel the skin looks fake in their portfolio…. they’ve either used so much product it would be like wearing a heavy mask – or they’re being dishonest about their work. Either way… not good!

4. Paperwork

You believe you’ve found the right makeup artist, but do they supply any paperwork to you to confirm your booking? What security do you have about your booking if they are ill? For a very important event such as your wedding, I would recommend using a Makeup Artist who will supply a detailed invoice so you know of exact costings before you proceed. I would also request a copy of their Terms and Conditions for clarity and peace of mind.


5. Reviews and Recommendations

What do their previous clients say about them? Are their reviews positive? Do the reviews give you any idea about who they are as a person? Are they the right sort of person for you?

Consider these things and read their reviews. It gives you a bit more of an honest insight into the type of artist they are.


I know….Lots of things to think about…. Who knew there would be so much!


But I really hope this helps when choosing your next Makeup Artist.


Leanne xx