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Vicky has wonderfully deep brown eyes and wanted to make these a feature. She was also worried about oiliness throughout the day.


I preformed a full skin prep treatment to make her skin feel more balanced and hydrated.



Vicky doesn't wear lots of makeup normally so it was important her foundation didn't feel too heavy. I used a colour corrector and under eye gel masks to combat the dark circles.

We used a medium coverage foundation, setting powder and a Matte Setting Spray to ensure the makeup lasted for hours.


Charlotte, like all my Brides, is lovely even without makeup. However she was concerned with blemishes and red skin on her wedding day as she has really sensitive skin.

I performed a luxury skin prep application and used colour correcting techniques.

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Charlotte has gorgeous eyes and it's her 'signature look' to have a strong liner on the waterline. I wanted to honour her style and made this a feature of her look.

I kept coverage full but not heavy and the overall 'fresh' feel suited her August wedding.


Charlie wanted to incorporate some colour into her look.

She was concerned about shadows under her eyes and she really wanted to keep the look natural but with a bit of the 'wow' factor. Her skin was dry so I applied an exfoliation treatment and carried out a full mini facial of hydrating oils and serums.



Charlie suited the red lipstick I chose and it worked well with her Autumnal colour scheme. I colour-corrected her eyes and used a brightening under eye concealer.

I applied a peach blush and some bronzer to 'warm up' the look.