How will this training provide me with the tools to actually integrate the teachings into my work as a facilitator?

This training will give you multiple opportunities to practice teaching live online with the main facilitators and your fellow participants. Through practice teaching in each module you will begin to understand how you can integrate the most applicable tools to your professional offerings, assist you to find your own voice within a trauma informed scope, and offer supportive feedback so you can continue to explore how you might personalize your tools for your teachings. Alongside practice teaching, your lead facilitators will offer you ongoing opportunities to ask questions and discover which tools will be the most supportive in your own offerings and teachings from a wide range of somatic techniques.uestion go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

What aspects of trauma will be covered in this training?

Trauma is a human condition. It is not something we can eradicate, but it is something that we can persevere with support, compassion, and connection. We will be exploring how trauma affects different parts of the body, symptoms of trauma (including understanding the differences between PTSD, Complex Trauma, VIcarious Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Attachment Theory, Chronic and Acute Trauma and Community Trauma), as well as learning how we might be able to take a whole human approach to supporting ourselves and others on the journey from trauma event and aftermath to relative safety, regulation, and restoration.

Will this training offer support for me as an individual, recognising that my own trauma may arise during the training?

Absolutely. While you are responsible for your own wellbeing and health during this training, the lead facilitators will be available to offer vetted resources and team building support, as well as assistance within their own scope of practice during this training.

Why is it beneficial to learn a range of different somatic tools and teaching styles, rather than subscribe to one teaching method?

This process is not linear; healing/restoring, whatever terminology resonates with you, is not a one-answer-fits-all and so we need a toolkit that allows us to creatively critically think, be adaptable and agile, and show up authentically in each moment. It is important that we have exposure to a variety of different ideologies, modalities, and practices so that we can be fully present and allow intuition and wisdom to guide us when working through our own stuff and when walking alongside others in their experience. What works one moment might not work the next so having an integrative library to pull from means you have more resources and room to explore as you weave together your own practice and offering.

What is the relevance of social justice and systemic change in this training? How will I be able to integrate this into my own life as well as offering help & guidance to the individuals and communities I interact with?

Unfortunately, trauma is perpetuated by the very systems and structures that make up our society. To ask ourselves and others to heal and thrive without holding the systems accountable is only addressing part of the equation. We can’t ask for healing and then send people back into the very systems that continue to perpetuate harm, we have to embody change and create it on all levels and layers. We will explore what it looks like to powerfully and compassionately stand for the changes that need to be made and connect you will people and tools to step into braver spaces and interactions going forward.

If I have less experience with yoga, is this training still suitable for me and how?

Definitely! This is open to anyone and everyone who has a desire to make their interactions and spaces safer and more inclusive and accessible. You don’t have to have any experience with yoga to do this. We are simply bringing yogic philosophy and practices to the forefront as wisdom, guidance, and a modality that you can add to your repertoire. Just like asana is only a small component of yoga, yoga is only a portion of what we will bringing to you within this training :)

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