How to choose foundation based on your skin type

You've clocked the foundation that someone is wearing - and you think 'what is that? I HAVE to have it'. Well..... just hang on a minute there..... it might look fabulous on them, but how's it going to work for you and your skin type?


Matte is your friend. It will always be your friend. Yes.... the 'glowing' hydrated look is in right now, but you can always fake that in the right way with illuminating blushes and highlighters. It's better to combat that oiliness.

When prepping your face use a mattifying primer such as Smashbox's Pore Minimiser Primer on the oily parts - use sparingly. Give a few minutes for it to set, then apply a matte foundation such as; No7 Mattifying Foundation or Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. Set with pressed powder in the t-zone and a matte setting spray such as Ben Nye Matte Spray.

TIP! Your fingers carry extra oils, use a brush or sponge to apply your foundation.


Skin prep is really important here (to be fair... it's always important!) but more so for you dry skin types. Pack on the moisture, and add in a serum if you can. Hyalaronic Acid by the Ordinary is a great one. Just make sure to leave a few mins to sink in before applying makeup.

Aim for an 'illuminating' or medium coverage foundation here, such as Smashbox Studio Skin or Ilamasqua Skin Base.

TIP! Do not apply using a brush as this can create a 'mini' exfoliation and any dry skin will be more visible. Instead, use a damp beauty and gently apply in a patting/bouncing motion.


There can be lots of products and ingredients that cause sensitive skin to flare up, so it is just a case of trial and error. Keep skin prep gentle and avoid harsh chemicals and any fragrances.

Opt for a medium coverage foundation that is mineral based and more natural, the fewer the ingredients the better.

TIP! If using fingers to apply your foundation, make sure your hands are clean and free from any external products that may cause a 'flare-up'.


It's best to identify the parts of your face that are oily and those that are dry, and opt for a medium coverage semi-matte foundation. You can prep your skin by using a combiation of technqiues as described above for both skin types.

I like Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation for combination skin. It's illuminating enough for dry areas but matte enough for oily areas.

TIP! Use a damp beauty blender to build up product where needed in the dry areas, and avoid using fingers or brushes.


As we get older we're actually less likely to suffer with the same blemishes as we did when wer were younger, and therefore, we don't need as much coverage. Enter the CC cream!

I love CC creams for mature skin. They often have a dewy illuminating finish and the coverage is light enough so it doesn't sit in fine lines and wrinkles. Prep the skin with hydrating serums and moisturiser, leave a few minutes to sink in. Warm up some of the CC cream on the back of your hand, and apply gently using finger tips. You can then 'pat' the product and blend into areas where you feel it's sitting in the lines of your face. I love IT Cosmetics CC cream however there are lots of options out there, so

find one that suits you best.


You do you my lovely! You can take your pick of any foundation, you lucky thing!

Until next time....