How to find the correct shade of foundation. My top tips!

You've got a foundation you love... Hurrah! But how do you choose the right shade?

Here's my top 3 tips to help you work it out!


The key to any foundation selection is knowing your undertone. Are you cool, warm or neutral? Once you know this it will really help narrow down the selection of shades. Most quality brands will tell you which undertone that particular shade is. Then you need just need to match to the tone of your skin.

"But how do I tell which undertone I am???" I hear you shout. Well, it can usually be indentified as follows:


Those with a warm undertone will notice their skin has a yellow, gold or peach tinge to it.

Veins will appear green or olive in colour.


Those with a cool undertone will notice their skin has a pink, red or blue tinge to it.

Veins will appear blue or purple in colour.


Those with a neutral undertone will notice their skin is neither pink/blue or golden but somewhere inbetween. Veins will appear blue and green.


When you're choosing foundation in a shop, it's best not to trust the overhead lights! Natural light is your friend! My ideal tip is to go to the makeup counter of your choice, and ask for a sample to take with you. Every high quality brand will allow this. You can then try some on at home, in front of a window with natural light and check the shade match.


When matching foundation, match to your jaw and neckline and not the shade of the skin on your face. This is really important to get a more accurate foundation, and it will look much more natural.

This is not the 90s, no need for orange lines round here!

Just bear in mind that your shade will change with the seasons, and you'll need a lighter colour in Winter compared to Summer.

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