My most used eyeshadow shades for Brides!

One of the main parts of the consultation and trial is to discuss colours and the theme.

When I meet a bride for the first time; I already start to think about what colours may suit them best.... but ultimately it's about what they like and what will 'work' with the overall theme.

I have split into my eyeshadows into colour groups which helps, and the three categories are pink/purples, warm toned browns, peaches and golds, and smokey cool tone browns and silvers.

An example of some of my warm tone browns, and pinks and purples.

As you can see, I have built quite the collection of eyeshadow pans rather sticking to a traditional palette. I do this because I can choose from ALL the colours and it gives me much more creative freedom. My current pans are a mixture of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Geek and Viseart (Viseart is super posh eyeshadows!). Nothing but the best for my brides... obviously!

I always think about eye colour too - if you really want to bring out the colour of your eyes, think about your colour wheel - opposite colours will be the most flattering. For example; if you have blue eyes and it won't clash with your theme, I would always recommend warm orange tones because your eyes will never look blur! Similarily if you have green eyes, go down the purple/pink route. Got brown eyes? you lucky thing! Any colour will suit you and look beautiful!

For your personal use though you probably won't need to build up a set of pans, as most eyeshadow palettes do the hard work for you when it comes to building an eyeshadow look. Handy hey!

A quad set is the best type of shadow because you will have your transition colour, crease colour, depth colour and lid colour.... just like this one from Beauty Pie and James Malloy. Clever lot these makeup developers!

If you are still looking for your Makeup Artist for your wedding or want to grab a lesson on all things eyeshadow, pop me a message and lets talk shadow!

L xx