Primers are Basic. Pros use Skin Prep.

Taken from my Instagram...

"Not all products are great for makeup and, dare I say it, Primers??.. well they are normally a no from me! My favorite skin prep line is Sonia Roselli Beauty! This line is not only an effective skincare for sensitive skin, it's PERFECT before makeup! Which is why I use it on all of my brides. Head over to my blog post to see why I normally skip the primer all together."

What are Primers made of? Silicone - which is why they feel soft and make your skin feel smoother. In theory this sounds like it can only be a good thing. We are sometimes told by beauty pros and influencers that we should take a large amount and apply it all over the face.... (see GIF for artistic interpretation! :D )


Unfortunately this is a problem....

Your skin may look better and feel better to begin with but what's going to start happening when you apply foundation on top? When the silicone ingredient starts to warm up that makeup is going to slip and slide everywhere!

Skin Prep is better because hydration is a key factor in making skin look fabulous under makeup. Plus prep products absorb into the skin meaning makeup longetivity (no slippin' and a slidin'). Good Skin Prep can be as simple as classic CTM (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise) before makeup. I do this for all of my brides, but also add in Water Excilir, Water Oil and Water Balm which have all been designed to sit beautifully under makeup. It is exactly what they were made for!

Before you start chucking out your primers... there's no need to bin them off altogether. It's all about how and when you use them. They're great for 'spot' treatments. In my kit I stock 2 primers both with specific uses. One is to combat redness on clients with oily skin, and the other is to reduce the size of pores for those clients with large pores/oilniness.

As you can see... 2 very specific uses and I certainly wouldn't apply them to the whole face. In fact, I follow my normal skin prep routine and add these in just as needed.

Good Skin Prep will always be the winner over Primer for me.

Primer can have it's uses but wherever possible it's better to prep your skin with CMT for radiant makeup. If it's longevitity you're after use a high quality setting spray and/or setting powder.

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