What's in that? A.K.A learning about cosmetic ingredients

I joined an amazing group on Facebook - it's for makeup artists and aspiring professionals. It is one of the best resources I could have ever wished to come across. I mean these ladies and gents know their stuff! There's decades worth of knowledge in that group....I have learnt so much from everyone in there already. Its fab!

There are often posts and numerous comments about how, and if, different skin care and makeup products work together. Also, what are the best ingredients to use for skin prep?

For example, how will a silicone primer work with a water based foundation? Can a product high in hyaluronic acid help prep skin before makeup application?

This got me thinking...

Could I enhance my knowledge to enable me to provide an even better service to my clients? Plus.... SCIENCE!

You see, I've recently had a 'makeup ephipany' and I have decided to focus some of my efforts into skin preperation for my clients. There are lots of good reasons to do this, but in short; if I can get this part right then it really will make a difference to the finished look AND it will increase longevity.

However - slapping on some moisturiser just aint gonna cut it!!

I have just purchased the Milady cosmetic ingredients dictionary. It has really helpful information about the main skin types, main ingredients found in skin care products and how those interact with different skin.

There are sections on research and about the latest technology when it comes to cosmetic formulations. Plus... there's the dictionary itself and there are 1000s of ingredients in there with a detailed description of what they do and how they work. Cracking stuff!

Now... I must dash ... I've got a lot of reading to do... and a lot of coffee to drink!

Leanne :)

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